IBC International Honour for Excellence


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This year, IBC is creating a unique International Honour for Excellence. It will be not be presented to one person. Instead, it will honour every single news broadcaster in the world, to recognise the efforts they have made in the very difficult times in which we live.

Because of the global pandemic, it has never been more critical that news organisations should quickly deliver accurate information to their audiences. New recommendations and regulations need to be spread widely, and complex science needs to be explained with clarity.

At the same time, the possibilities for misinformation and fake news are rife. The highest standards of journalism provide fact-checking and a trusted source to identify what is true, what is rumour, and what is dangerous fiction. While we cannot talk to every news broadcaster, IBC has brought together contributions from some of the world’s most respected names:BBC, CNN, ITV News on behalf of ITN, NBC News International, TV Globo and Zee Media. Each tells the story of their approach to news in the time of pandemic, in their own words.

This unique, remarkable study will be compulsive viewing for all – broadcasters and viewers alike. It can be seen as part of IBC Showcase on Friday 11 September at 13:00 BST.

View the programmes

Hear from Global News Broadcasters:

<img alt="IHFE NBCNews_Color_2_8" src="https://d3dh6of9cnaq4t.cloudfront.net/Pictures/200xAny/P/web/p/v/a/ihfenbcnews_color_2_8_106804.jpg" /> <img alt="IHFE BBC_NEWS_TILE 1080 by 1080" src="https://d3dh6of9cnaq4t.cloudfront.net/Pictures/200xAny/P/web/p/v/a/ihfebbc_news_tile1080by1080_661912.jpg" /> IHFE BBC_NEWS_TILE 1080 by 1080 IHFE NBCNews_Color_2_8 <img alt="CNN_Plated_RGB" src="https://d3dh6of9cnaq4t.cloudfront.net/Pictures/200xAny/P/web/y/r/d/cnn_plated_rgb_23066.jpg" /> CNN_Plated_RGB
<img alt="Zee-Media-Logo-resized" src="https://d3dh6of9cnaq4t.cloudfront.net/Pictures/200xAny/P/web/e/o/f/zeemedialogoresized_255822.jpg" />
Zee-Media-Logo-resized <img alt="TV-GLOBO-Resized" src="https://d3dh6of9cnaq4t.cloudfront.net/Pictures/200xAny/P/web/y/r/d/tvgloboresized_221500.jpg" /> TV-GLOBO-Resized <img alt="ITN_LOGO_WHT[1]" src="https://d3dh6of9cnaq4t.cloudfront.net/Pictures/200xAny/P/web/t/n/v/itn_logo_wht1_271449.jpg" /> ITN_LOGO_WHT[1]
Kasia Publicity Pix

Our host for this year’s IBC2020 International Honour for Excellence is Kasia Madera.

Kasia is a BBC News presenter with 20 years of broadcasting experience. A regular host on many of the flagship programmes on BBC World News including Outside Source and Newsday, Kasia also presents the popular BBC Papers review on the BBC News Channel.

As comfortable on set as on location, Kasia has extensive experience in breaking news, rolling continuously for hours, without autocue. She is also an experienced reporter and has been a continuous on-air presence throughout the UK’s recent lockdown.