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IBC is owned by six leading international bodies representing both exhibitors and visitors.

During IBC’s virtual week and beyond our Owners will be providing valuable content as part of the official IBC Showcase programme.



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IET: Virtual War Game

Tuesday, October 20, 2020

3pm BST

The Scenario: Sometime in the future - very soon, content owners all will have their specific audiences driven by their own direct-to-consumer apps, exclusive partnerships or fully new distribution relationships designed to realign the industry…or will they?

In preparation for that how will that change the video landscape in the next twelve months? 24 months? How can PayTV operators and broadcasters react? And perhaps as importantly, if this does take place and as forecasted how will the Internet leaders reposition to reap greater opportunities originated by a shift in the competitive dynamics?

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Charting the uncharted: Plotting the course for the media technology industry

Wednesday 9 September 2020

3pm BST, 4pm CET, 10am EDT, 7am PDT

IABM has drawn together experts from all sectors of Broadcast and Media to deliver a compelling virtual event that looks at where the industry is now heading – and how to succeed in the new world. You simply can’t afford to miss this event.

CEO, Peter White, and head of insight and analysis Lorenzo Zanni, open the event, sharing IABM’s latest research and analysis of the current state of Broadcast and Media, and how its future is likely to unfold over the coming months and years.

What does the future hold for vendors? Find out from a panel drawn from small, medium and large players, discussing the new challenges their customers are facing and how they are helping to solve them in these challenging times. We’ll also explore how vendors are having to transform themselves - new business models, new verticals, new challenges…

Rounding the event out, you will also learn from leading end-user Broadcast and Media executives about how the pandemic has shaped their present and future plans in a live panel. What are they now expecting from tech suppliers – and how will they be choosing them? Don’t miss it!

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AI & Analytics

As part of IABM Data Week, the AI & Analytics session takes place during IBC Showcase and will focus on data-driven media, including innovative artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions to create, manage and deliver content as well as analytics solutions enabling informed decision-making at media organisations.

Other themed weeks include:

  • Cloud & Visualisation
  • AI/ML & Analytics
  • Imaging & Immersive
  • Streaming Content & Platforms
  • Future Media Economics

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    SCTE Benelux Online Lunch Lecture

    Thursday 10 September 2020

    11:00-12:00 - SCTE Benelux Online Lunch Lecture 2020

    SCTE Benelux invites you to an online lunch lecture, to replace the IBC lecture, as part of the IBC Showcase 2020. This online lunch meeting will take place on Thursday 10 September 2020 from 11:00 – 12:00 hrs and will feature two fascinating speakers on ‘5G and extended HFC: the fibre challengers’. Afterwards, attendees will have the opportunity to ask questions. Is 5G a challenge or a gateway to greater possibilities within HFC networks? Can one system do without the other and still provide the required data speeds and (if so) for how long? In this lecture meeting, adjusted for an online environment, the presenters will try and highlight various options. Not all issues may be covered in these limited 20-minute presentations, but the Q&A afterwards will help participants to gain a better understanding of the options. The moderator will assist in the online questioning. With this session we hope to provide our SCTE members and their guests, as well as all other interested visitors who used to drop in on our IBC events, with an interesting and informative lunch-hour session.

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    IEEE BTS Showcase sessions

    Thursday 10 September 2020

    16:00-16:45 - Panel discussion: Media’s Brave New World of Interop – Microservices

    A panel discussion about why microservices and the cloud are a total game changer in terms of making things work together


    Chris Lennon, Open Services Alliance


    Loic Barbou, Bloomberg Television
    Wes Rosenberg, Levels Beyond
    Ankur Jain, Prime Focus Technologies
    Shawn Maynard, Florical Systems

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    Thursday 10 September 2020

    17:00-17:45 - IEEE BTS, OSA, EBU, MCMA and SMPTE - Escaping the Wild West of multi-vendor Cloud Services

    This session focusses on real-world use cases showing the state of the industry today that finds itself stitching together 'best of breed' solutions from multiple vendors. OSA and EBU have collaborated on a new standard for status reporting and logging that is a crucial step toward making this all work together.


    Chris Lennon, Open Services Alliance


    Eric Piard, Florical Systems
    Loic Barbou, Bloomberg Television
    Joost Rovers, Rovers IT
    Alexandre Rouxel, EBU

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    Friday 11 September 2020

    16:00-16:45 - IMF in the Cloud

    This session talks about how IMF and “the cloud” can co-exist and in fact thrive together


    Chris Lennon, Open Services Alliance


    Bruce Devlin, Mr. MXF
    Eric Carson, Dalet

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    RTS Thames Valley Creative Technology - Esports Webinars

    Thursday 10 September 2020

    Three sessions from 13:00 BST - 16:00 BST

    With its massive following and international appeal, esports is generating serious interest among corporate sponsors and is taking the entertainment world by storm. Esports thirst for high-speed dynamic graphics and global internet streaming is driving technology to its limits and even giving broadcast television a run for its money.

    The Thames Valley Creative Technology Centre has produced a series of webinar presentations from esports specialists to show how their technology and systems operate. Explaining their workflows and production requirements, they discuss how broadcast vendors and service providers can help them deliver even better programs.

    Held over three one-hour sessions, this esports colloquium gives you the opportunity to learn from the industry experts already delivering esports events to millions of viewers worldwide.

    Hosted by Anna Lockwood from Telstra Broadcast Services, these webinars are an ideal opportunity to learn from the industry experts.

    13:00-14:00 - What is esports? A crash Course in modern esports broadcast

    In this session, What is esports? A crash Course in modern esports broadcast. Steven "Claw" Jalicy from ESL Gaming tells us how esports works, what the viewers expect, what the players demand, and how broadcast vendors and service providers can contribute to esports production and delivery.

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    14:00-15:00 - Content Delivery Networks.

    In this session, Content Delivery Networks Paul Martin gives an in-depth presentation on how internet delivery works using advanced CDN delivery systems and concepts. CDN is more than just high-speed internet between ISPs and Paul discusses how esports companies can deliver international programs over the internet to millions of viewers. Watch On Demand

    15:00-16:00 - Esports for Broadcasters.

    In this session, Esports for Broadcasters. Guillaume Neveux explains how EVS are working in the esports arena, he discusses the workflows and how traditional broadcasting working practices can be adapted to work in esports.Watch On Demand





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