Responding to the myriad of complex digital transformation challenges and the need to innovate at speed in today’s Media & Entertainment industry, IBC introduced the Accelerator Media Innovation Programme in early 2020. The programme is a framework for fast track, open and collaborative innovation - facilitated and supported by IBC - with projects that address critical media & entertainment industry business and technology challenges.

The challenges were set by project ‘Champions’, typically broadcasters, studios and other content providers who are supported by teams of expert vendors and solutions providers. Some eight exceptional Accelerator projects were selected to develop solutions over the course of 6 months in 2020.

Addressing challenges in the fields of AI, 5G, CG Animation and VFX as well as IP transition,projects culminated in demonstrations and discussions of their solution and proof of concepts, during IBC virtual ‘Showcase’ in September 2020.

For more on the individual Accelerators, teams and demonstrations, see below with links to fascinating individual highlight videos for each project…

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Through the Accelerators, multicompany teams come together – led by game changing broadcasters, studios, platforms and content owners as ‘Champions’ - to develop solutions to use cases working with expert vendors and solutions providers as project ‘participants’. Projects develop over an intensive five months’ project path, culminating in innovative solutions that will be showcased as proof of concepts at IBC Showcase.

The Programme has been created by IBC to drive sector-wide digital transformation, where Accelerators ultimately demonstrate business value through an open R&D approach, reflecting the value of industry of standards and best practices.

Challenges in 2020 address many relevant and topical areas, such as industry transformation and transition to IP and cloud workflows, the evolution of 5G, VR/AR/MR, the application of AI in many media processes, visual effects archiving, sustainability and many others.