ChyronHego’s Click Effects Prime fan engagement engine has become a partner for Panasonic’s new Kairos IT/IP-centric next-generation live production platform. 


ChyronHego: The Click Effects Prime fan engagement engine from ChyronHego

Designed for high-quality video production and delivery, either live or in the studio, the new modular and open architecture platform from Panasonic allows users to optimise and future-proof their investment while maintaining flexibility. The pairing is claimed to bring “powerful capabilities and valuable versatility to modern sports entertainment”.

“With its new IT/IP video platform, Panasonic takes on many of the challenges of live production in the IP realm,” said Olivier Cohen, ChyronHego’s senior VP of marketing. “Together, our technologies and solutions offer a compelling solution for stadium and arena deployments. We look forward to seeing shared customers benefit both from unique graphics capabilities and a smart, forward-looking approach to implementation of IT and IP.”

Click Effects Prime unites the advanced authoring and rendering of ChyronHego’s Prime Graphics Platform with Click Effects’ easy-to-use tools to simplify the design and playout of dynamic content in a stadium or arena. Tight integration with the Prime Graphics Platform makes keyframed actions available to any SDI- or DVI-powered display of any aspect ratio for more immersive fan experiences. With a simple point and click, operators can deliver the real-time graphics, video clips, audio tracks, animations and sponsor ads that engage fans, strengthen brands and boost sponsor revenues.

In the new open architecture Kairos system, all processing is GPU based and all the processing layers are performed in one step. Inputs/outputs can be provisioned based on overall bandwidth, and user interfaces follow best practices from popular desktop software. Besides supporting virtually any kind of signal in a single server, the platform offers single-frame latency processing, making it a powerful tool in all contexts and applications.

Kairos is based on the latest software and CPU/GPU processing technology, allowing users to allocate processing power with 100% efficiency and achieve performance levels currently impossible with traditional hardware-based products. Fully resolution- and format-independent, it offers uncompressed processing, true uncompressed 4K inputs, and full simultaneous support of baseband and IP signals for a smooth transition to IP.

“Integration with best-of-breed solutions such as Click Effects Prime really allows our new IT/IP platform to shine,” said Michael Bergeron, Panasonic Broadcast Camera Systems senior product manager. “Sitting at the heart of in-venue entertainment, this video processing architecture can play the role of video processor, scaler, mixer, or server – a uniquely versatile solution that pairs well with Click Effects Prime for the latest in live venue production and maximum fan engagement.”