Marshall Electronics has announced the CV503-U3, a dedicated USB3.0 HD POV camera to meet the demand for USB-based workflows for both work-from-home as well as a range of remote live streaming applications.


Marshall: The CV503-U3 is software agnostic to integrate into any USB capture soft codec

It is said to offer simple plug-and-play connectivity using capture device drivers already built into Mac, PC, laptop or Linux systems, as well as a software agnostic design to integrate into any USB capture soft codec. It features a lockable 6.5ft USB3.0 cable for simultaneous power and video capture, interchangeable lenses and adjustable settings via UVC1.5.

“Our CV500-series POV cameras have been widely used in professional broadcast applications for nearly a decade,” says Tod Musgrave, director of cameras at Marshall Electronics. “Having just released our latest generation CV503 with improved video performance, it was a logical extension to release it on a USB format.”

The camera comes complete with a locking USB3.0 cable handling video, power and control and an easy-to-install CVM-5 monitor/desktop stand, however, it is also adaptable to any 1/4”-20 mount type for custom installations. This, combined with the rugged aluminum alloy body, sleek straight forward design and smooth finish, creates a professional setup and appearance, with a reduction of desk clutter. The secure-locking USB connector thumb screws lock the cable into place, which prevents it from being accidently unplugged during use. Rear connector protection wings on the back panel also offer an added layer of security.

The software-agnostic design and universal UVC1.5 command and control of the camera provides the flexibility to use or switch between soft codecs. It is usable with a wide array of video conference, video chat, streaming or other computer video capture services, such as OBS Studio, Zoom, Skype, Microsoft Teams and Google Meet. Further, the CV503-U3 works off existing laptop/computer capture device drivers, so additional drivers are not necessary for tracking and changing video capture settings on your computer.

Like its predecessor, the CV503-U3 includes a 90-degree lens and features interchangeable lens function. This provides added customisation and personal design control through the selection of a wide array of focal lengths necessary to achieve a custom angle-of-view. This makes it possible for users to find the ideal arrangement for any studio, workspace or live event venue, among other things.

The latest generation CV503 with state-of-the-art sensor, high performance processors and exceptional low-light ability is also said to offer a step-up in video quality, while the self-adaptable resolution and frame rate of the camera provides video stability during operation.