When Ferrari’s Mugello Circuit made its debut in last year’s Formula 1 championships, the Italian luxury sports car manufacturer needed a solution that could capture all the motor sports action in 4K.  


Marshall: More than 40 Marshall cameras, including weatherproof housings and PTZ controllers, were installed around the track

Searching to find cameras capable of providing ultra-crisp and clear broadcast quality images for the safety, security and control teams at the circuit, Mugello turned to MarCam Europe, one of Marshall Electronics exclusive distribution partners in the region. MarCam specified over 40 Marshall CV630-IP and CV420-18X cameras, including weatherproof housings and PTZ controllers.

“Given how the past year has been affected by the global pandemic and the timescale we and our trusted Italian integrator were given, we knew the importance of meeting such a tight delivery schedule,” said Spencer Doran, MarCam Europe. “However, being the European master distributor for all Marshall cameras, lenses and associated accessories, MarCam Europe along with our Italian integrator and of course support from Marshall HQ, rose to the occasion. Together, we successfully helped get the Mugello Circuit ready for the championships on Ferrari’s 1000th race on the F1 grid.”

The CV630-IP pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) camera captures 4K (UHD) video combined with smooth PTZ camera positioning and 30x optical zoom for a versatile networked video solution. The CV630-IP packs a powerful Sony 8MP 1/2.5in sensor capturing up to Ultra-HD 3840x2160p video, with support for HD 1920x1080p and 1280x720p. The CV420-18X is a compact Zoom Block 18x 4K and UHD camera that features a wide range of 4K, UHD and HD selections in 4096x2160p, 3840x2160p, 1920x1080p, 1280x720p and interlaced with 1920x1080i.

With over 40 cameras successfully installed around the track, weatherproof dome housings for the CV630-IP PTZ cameras were also installed alongside Marshall controllers for both sets of cameras.

“As a value-add partner for Marshall Cameras in the region, MarCam did an incredible job of getting the right cameras and equipment to the Mugello Circuit on time with local technical support,” said Tod Musgrave, director, Marshall Camera Division. “Marshall has become a global source for broadcast pro-AV cameras with HD, UHD and 4K resolution capabilities, our cameras are designed to a high standard of video quality at reasonable price points that in this case were instrumental in capturing these beautiful high-speed, high-performance race cars in action.”