Following on from its September 2019 acquisition of Census Digital, MultiDyne has strengthened its product line with the C-SERIES of embedded audio monitors. 


MultiDyne: The C-SERIES are designed for studio, post and mobile productions

Developed by Census Digital, the C-SERIES has been developed to meet what are described as the exacting, broadcast-quality needs of studios, mobile productions and post production with a feature set dedicated exclusively to audio monitoring applications. 

Each of the six C-SERIES monitors are configured to address a specific need and share the same ergonomic front panel design and intuitive user interface. Rather than scrolling through menu displays, users have faster access to essential audio monitoring functionality. They can monitor individual channels on-the-fly, adjust loudness levels for compliance, drive output to external speakers, and downmix left/right channels, among other critical audio monitoring tasks. 

C-SERIES embedded audio monitors extract audio data from each embedded AES-EBU channel within the SDI signal. Operators can view this extracted audio data on front panel displays and listen using headphones or external powered monitors, leveraging volume control from the C-SERIES front panel. Users are also able to set key audio parameters, such as loudness levels in order to meet CALM-compliant broadcast standards using LKFS (Loudness, K-weighted, relative to Full Scale) meters and tools. 

The C-SERIES includes four space-saving 3G/HD/SD-SDI embedded audio monitors in single- and dual-rack-unit configurations for varied AES/EBU and analogue channel counts. A fifth unit, the C16V-2, provides visual and aural monitoring of all 16 audio channels embedded in the SDI signal in addition to an LCD video display. 

A sixth unit, the C64A-1, provides fast visual and aural monitoring of all 64 channels of a single, standard MADI (Multichannel Audio Digital Interface) transport mechanism. This unit decodes the TDM stream for compatibility with the MADI format and allows users to monitor 64 bar graph VU meters on the front panel or isolate individual audio channels. 

The rear panels include an Ethernet port that allows operators to connect the system to the openGear digital signal processing platform and control it using openGear’s free Dashboard software. This enables users to expand their capabilities by accessing hundreds of openGear cards from dozens of manufacturers that support the platform. 

MultiDyne plans to integrate fibre connectivity and transport layers into C-SERIES monitors, as well as offer broader interoperability with its video fibre transport systems within openGear environments. 

Michael Jordan, director of business development for Census Products at MultiDyne, commented: “Census Digital developed the C-SERIES to bring audio monitoring solutions to a broader customer base that didn’t sacrifice features for a lower price point. The C-SERIES offers a cohesive and cost-effective pairing with MultiDyne’s video and fibre solutions today, and we anticipate stronger and deeper integration between these technologies moving forward to address trends and solve problems for our customers.”