Nila’s new Zaila Bi-Color and Varsa Bi-Color are the first professional LED fixtures to offer its Precision Colortune system.

This offers precise colour control of the light output of each fixture between 2600K and 6400K in 200K increments.

Two Varsa Bi-Color fixtures on location

Two Varsa Bi-Color fixtures on location

It has also added a Red Boost circuit to warm up the colour if needed, which is useful with some cameras. Some of its beta testers also found it helped to better reproduce various skin tones. Both these features are controllable via DMX on their own control channels, allowing users the full range of colour options even after the lights have been rigged out of reach.

The bi-colour Zaila and Varsa each produce more lumens than their daylight-balanced counterparts. Their native beam angle is 20° due to the colour-blending optics used, resulting in a softer light output. Whereas most bi-colour LED fixtures on the market use discreet optics for each colour, the 45W 2.3kg Zaila Bi-Color blends the colours within each individual optic resulting in less colour fringing and better overall colour reproduction. It scores a TLCI of 92 at 5600K and 96 at 3200K.

The Zaila kits are already available, but the Varsa kits won’t ship until next month.

Nila LED Lighting is exhibiting at IBC2019 on Stand 12.A48.