ROE Visual products have been selected by Spies und Schwarz to outfit its new Live Stream Studio in Munich, choosing the Diamond LED panel for its small pitch LED performance and modularity.


Roe: Some 128 Diamond DM2.6 panels are used in the facility

Spies und Schwarz is an event agency for live communication that has completed successful campaigns for its national and international client base and is quick to adapt to new technologies.

“The idea to adopt some of the latest technologies, like the virtual stage, came as a direct reaction to the covid-19 restrictions,” commented Philipp Schwarz, GM and founder Spies und Schwarz. “We’re constantly seeking to find solutions for our clients and a live stream studio would open new and safe ways of communicating. Once the idea took form, we set out to find the right partners to supply the technologies and products needed to make it work on a level we felt could secure the exacting demands of our clients on the one hand, but would also guarantee fast, high-quality and efficient workflows for our team.”

The 420sqm large Live Stream Studio in Munich is an accessible and secure platform for any company messaging worldwide, target group-specific and in real time. The studio is further equipped with the most modern video technology, providing a LED canvas of over 4.5 million pixels and HDR-ready 10-bit processing technology.

ROE Visual provided the LED products for the curved, modular video wall. In total 128 Diamond DM2.6 panels have been used to create a screen measuring 9x3.5m. For the processing, the eV4 processor is used.

“Selecting ROE Visual to deliver the LED products felt like a natural choice for us. Because we are dedicated to delivering the best solution for our clients, we expect the same from our suppliers. ROE Visual fitted this picture perfectly; not only do their products have a high-end performance and deliver great on-camera results, but also their technical service during the installation was very supportive,” added Schwarz.

“During the testing phase, we rented a batch of Diamond LED panels and did some initial try-outs. It was really helpful to have this experience before we had to decide on the final investment. Having discussed our wishes with ROE Visual, they informed us that by buying products with the similar LED batch, we can rent extra LED panels at all times, if we need a larger wall, that’s just one call away. That makes us very flexible in our project approach.”

The stage design can be individually tailored, from a modern lounge to a table talk, or a mobile product studio to a car show room. “The modular LED panels help us to easily adapt to all these settings, that is really a big plus. Having access to experts at ROE empowers creative and more experimental projects,” added Schwarz.

“The flexibility of our studio is the basis for a lot of future projects of any kind. Recreating the feeling of live events while still maintaining a high-end, flexible and safe environment is what makes the studio such a valuable asset.”