Swit has extended its range of wireless transmission systems with the introduction of the Curve500, designed for DSLR or mirrorless HDMI cameras, and the Flow6500 and Flow10k long-distance systems with 3G/HD-SDI and HDMI inputs and 3G/HD-SDI output.


Swit: The new Curve500 transmitter and receiver for HDMI cameras

All three systems use Swit’s Kuwi 5.1-5.9GHz low-latency (30ms) wireless technology, which is not WiFi-based but is designed to be more robust, stable and reliable in complex environments, with better ability to flow through walls. It promises to connect quickly when powered on, and not be disturbed by 5GHz WiFi routers or smartphones within its specified transmission distance. The system offers dynamic frequency selection and can automatically switch between different channels using its built-in frequency scanner.

Swit introduced the Flow series of wireless video transmitters last year, with 150m and 600m versions, aimed mainly at wireless follow focus and director’s monitoring. TheFlow6500 has 2km range (6500ft), and Flow10k 3km (10,000ft), thanks to high-gain panel antennas with built-in receivers, while the transmitters are the same tiny size as the Flow500 and Flow2000. The transmitter has 3G/HD-SDI in and loop out plus HDMI in. The panel receivers are designed to be fitted on a light stand, with a yoke bracket, and have a 3G/HD-SDI output. The built-in wireless receiver should simplify installation, without complex antenna connection and be more stable with a better signal level.

The receiver has a rear V-mount battery plate and a 6-17v DC input, with an OLED screen to display video format, wireless channel and signal strength. The systems support multicast operation (one transmitter to unlimited receivers) and the transmitter and receivers are paired and double encrypted using a private transmission protocol and by AES128, for security.

The Curve500 transmits HDMI over 150m (500ft) line of sight, up to 1080p 50/60 formats. The transmitter has HDMI input and HDMI loop out for a monitor, while the receiver has two HDMI outputs. Both have two omni antennas, an NP-F battery plate and support 7-17v DC input. They support HDMI embedded audio (Ch1&2) transmission and have lightweight aluminium housings.