We dearly love the RAI, but since IBC is no longer holding a physical IBC Show in Amsterdam this year, we have launched IBC SHOWCASE as a completely online experience on the 8-11 September. Like any visit to IBC, it’s best to prepare in advance for the show and this time it’s no different. So, look below for some handy tips to get you ready for your first virtual IBC.

IBC2019 crowds (2)

IBC2019: Visitors getting ready to experience IBC

1) Plan ahead

First, check out the IBC SHOWCASE Programmes page and register your interest for the array of insightful sessions available from IBC Exhibitors, knowledge-boosting content from the IBC owners, and get ready to delve into the innovative world of the IBC Accelerators. Easy registration, and no queues!

2) Add it to your calendar

A bit of a no-brainer this one. Make sure your digital calendar has all the relevant dates by clicking here to add SHOWCASE to your calendar. If you want to add them manually, it’s Tuesday 8th, Wednesday 9th, Thursday 10th and Friday 11th of September.

3) Set your out of office

Also known as OOO, which is the sound you’ll hear yourself make as you experience the delights of IBC SHOWCASE! Seriously though, you don’t want to any distractions, so block out your time on your email autoreply. And feel free to add a link to IBC SHOWCASE.

4) Tell your colleagues

If they’re as super-organised as you are, your colleagues have already started planning their own visit to IBC SHOWCASE. If not, don’t keep it to yourself! The IBC community just gets better every time someone new gets involved.

5) Get your tech on

If you are joining with a laptop or even your mobile phone, make sure you have enough battery power to last, or that you have your power cable close by. Get a pair of headphones if you don’t want to be disturbed. And a good strong internet signal is recommended, so if you’re working fron home maybe kick the kids off Fortnite just to make sure.


Bitterballen: Unfortunately we won’t be able to indulge in these this year

6) Don’t forget to eat

Stack up on snacks, water, fruit and sundry treats to keep you going. Sadly, unless you live in the Netherlands, you are unlikely to be partaking of stroopwafel and bitterballen and the other fabulous treats the Dutch have invented.

7) Get comfortable

If you’re in the office, make sure you have somewhere peaceful to experience the full offering of IBC SHOWCASE. If you are working from home, kick back on your favourite chair. You won’t need foot plasters and comfy shoes, unless you have a very long home office. Or a treadmill (the latter could of course also apply to some offices).

8) Prepare to engage

Be ready to ask questions or share your thoughts with speakers and panellists. You have a wealth of talent at your fingertips (literally!), so why not make use of this occasion to expand your knowledge?

IBC2019 - beach

IBC2019: Beach bars

9) Get social

Get involved in conversations on social media, #IBCSHOWCASE. If it’s after office hours, why not grab a drink of your choice (thinking fondly of the queues at the IBC Beach bars) and engage with your fellow virtual IBC Showgoers? Stay polite!

10) Stay tuned

Finally, visit IBC365 for to catch up on anything you might have missed, reviews of sessions and to keep the conversation going. And of course you can always check out the latest product news and launches on the IBC Daily site. And hopefully we’ll see you all next year back at Amsterdam RAI!