New from Wheatstone is the Glass LXE virtual console. Glass LXE is a multi-touch UI that operates as a standalone virtual console for the WheatNet-IP audio network, a complete IP audio ecosystem of consoles, talent stations, I/O units, accessories and SIP phone and codec distribution appliances.

Wheatstone-1  GlassLXE

Studio-ready: The virtual console is a standalone UI into the WheatNet-IP audio network

Similar in function, feel and layout to the network’s flagship LXE hardware control surface, Glass LXE is fully functional and ready for the studio as a user interface with familiar buttons, knobs and multi-touch navigation and menus for setting EQ curves, filtering and other custom settings.

Glass LXE can be used anywhere there is a PC touchscreen, or several touchscreens connected over the WheatNet-IP audio network. It comes with a mix engine to handle mixing and processing as part of network.

The virtual console is one of several new WheatNet-IP additions.

Kelly Parker, applications engineer, Wheatstone, said: “You can run it on a laptop or on multiple PC screens from a cloud. Glass LXE can be used alone or combined with the physical LXE surface to give broadcasters full console control anywhere that’s needed, and on a UI that is very familiar.”