IBC SHOWCASE: This whitepaper looks at how to provide efficient content delivery, and how necessary it is to carefully configure encoder for specific tasks. Learn how to do it for the output in AVC.

To provide efficient content delivery, it is necessary to carefully configure encoder for specific tasks. And it is not an easy job — there is a plenty of different parameters.

How to configure the encoder to get the best results? Elecard technicians know the answer.

This white paper is dedicated to encoding into AVC. AVC, also known as H.264, proved to be one of the most efficient and popular standards. We will share our 32-year experience in encoding and reveal secrets of the configuring encoder settings in the best way.

Come to learn about all aspects of the encoding process:

  • Bitrates, profiles and levels
  • GOP structure and macroblocks
  • Intra prediction
  • Motion estimation
  • Adaptive quantization
  • Deblock filtering
  • Entropy encoding

Useful tips and tricks will help you to prepare content for various platforms and bring your AVC encoding to the next level.

Download the whitepaper below