Colibri-80: Your go-to 3D cable cam system


IBC SHOWCASE: BirdsCam offers 3D cable camera systems for nearly any case. Colibri-80 is unique in terms of usability and options making a camera crane needless.

BirdsCam offers 3D cable camera systems for nearly any environment from large stadia to small studios and event locations. With the Colibri-80 it is now possible to use a cable camera system in small studios and event locations, which makes renting a camera crane needless and a waste of money. 

Colibri-80 covers a production area of 80 x 80 m and the lightweight winches can be installed on the floor or directly on truss, giving you more free space. With only 4 kg dolly weight and power supply via two cables there is virtually no issue with cable sag and power management.

Colibri-80 is suitable for permanent installation or temporary deployment on an individual production basis. The system incorporates a bullet-proof hardware control and software GUI, enabling unlimited motion presets. All camera/dolly data, signals and power supply run through the ropes (two ropes with implemented fibre cables, two ropes with implemented power cables). The dolly can be equipped with broadcast and COTS cameras, allowing access to all camera functions (zoom, etc.). 


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