Data storage in M&E for a post-pandemic world

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How recent world events have impacted data storage in M&E content creation and delivery, and what you can do to manage it for success.

The global Coronavirus pandemic has had a seismic impact on many aspects of how individuals live and work around the world. For most businesses this has had far reaching effects on the way that they organise themselves, from both a human resources and technological infrastructure perspective. At the same time, pre-pandemic levels of demand for various goods and services have shifted dramatically in many cases, with demand for some wiped out overnight and for others, demand has ballooned.

These impacts are particularly prevalent in the Media and Entertainment Industry where, for example, almost overnight, the ability to deliver and consume live events ceased, and a shift to on-demand video consumption skyrocketed.

While there are many more implications that can and will be explored by others, the purpose of this whitepaper is to examine the impact these changes have had on the way that data is stored, manipulated and distributed through key parts of the “M&E” content creation and delivery chain, and how organisations can and should respond. It considers the key attributes that organisations should look for in selecting the right storage architecture to meet their requirements in different parts of that chain, and highlights the lucrative opportunities that implementing the right storage architecture can present in being able to quickly capitalise on emerging market trends.


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