IBC SHOWCASE: This paper looks at the problem with multi-gigabit big data transport and how superior and secure data transfer over links with high bandwidth and latency can be achieved.

Reliable Multi-Destination Transport protocol – RMDT opens the next level of networking experience to users. It outperforms conventional TCP-based setups in all categories and can significantly improve the capabilities of the network. RMDT is a UDP-based, extremely fast, secure, and highly efficient transportation means, which can not only operate in the classic domain of one-sender-to-one-recipient delivery but deliver data with multi-gigabit speed to up to ten destinations simultaneously. It effectively solves such tasks as disaster recovery, synchronization, or even data propagation. It allows us to put the same piece of data on hundreds or thousands of nodes using available networking resources by the maximum. The protocol perfectly fits into worldwide data transmission, since typical network impairments and high latency do not affect its performance.

On top of RMDT may be built nearly any networking application. For example, DataClone for multi-destination data distribution or StreamClone for high-speed data streaming to a single or multiple consumers. A unique feature of RMDT – point to multipoint delivery with a data rate of up to 10 Gbps opens new horizons for network applications.

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