IBC SHOWCASE: This paper explores what the scale of illegal-streaming and annual revenue loss for providers is. As well as looking at effective tips for an anti-piracy strategy and compelling arguments for a C-level content-security investment presentation.

Spain is a large, mature TV market with an overall value of over €6 billion and a significant position on the global stage thanks to the worldwide Spanish-speaking population’s desire for content in its native language. Also featuring one of European football’s richest leagues, La Liga, it is a prime target for content piracy. Our report collates the latest figures analyzing the Spanish market and the impact that piracy is having upon it. And we present exclusive research revealing the scale of live streaming and the way it undermines the investment of rights holders, using recent high-profile soccer matches as an example.

According to EUIPO figures over 6% of the Spanish population - some 2.16 million people - use unauthorized IPTV to watch their favorite content. This does not even represent the biggest part of the illegal audience. The report also delivers the insight that a significant number of these viewers are paying for their illegal service, making them prime potential converts to becoming legitimate subscribers. To help ensure this happens it provides 5 key recommendations for an effective anti-piracy strategy in Spain. Lastly, it details our free service to operators and broadcasters that can provide a detailed breakdown of the Revenue Loss to piracy and be used in persuasive arguments at C-Level to invest in a coherent overall anti-piracy strategy.

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