How to leverage new technologies for unprecedented times

Mediagenix how to leverage technology for unprecedented times

IBC Showcase: This whitepaper explores how the boundaries between linear channels, VOD and OTT are quickly fading during Covid-19 and content quality and user experience are coming into focus.

The Covid-19 outbreak has had an unprecedented impact on society: the European football championships, the Olympic Games, cycling races and other sports tournaments are postponed or cancelled. Sports broadcasters face the challenge to change their schedule, but other shows are feeling the crisis too. Linear, VOD, OTT… the virus makes no distinction.

The need for more flexibility and agility becomes even more clear when businesses deal with unexpected events. This whitepaper explores how to turn setbacks into new opportunities and guarantee business continuity.

In four chapters the paper will explain how technology has the potential to reduce costs and increase the efficiency of every media company in all circumstances: Potential for planning & management, for your content & rights, for new opportunities and for your revenue.


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