IBC SHOWCASE: In this paper Tedial explains how Hybrid Cloud architecture allows media companies to meet business objectives while maintaining full control of media archives and costs.

Global media companies are looking to hybrid cloud architecture to allow them to maintain full control of media archives and costs whilst ensuring a low-risk transition into the cloud by moving their operations in-line with business needs. To maximise Hybrid Cloud capabilities, users need a dynamic content management solution that transparently manages various tiers across departments, locations or in the cloud. This includes on-premise live storage, nearline storage, deep archive tape libraries or public cloud storage such as AWS S3, AWS S3 Glacier Deep Archive or Microsoft Azure. This technology enables media companies to efficiently operate using their chosen current architecture with the capability to evolve as future operational and commercial factors change.

Using Tedial’s portfolio of solutions, media companies can work remotely, in a hybrid environment if needed, and can deploy services quickly with the same quality. Customers retain full control of their critical workflows and operations while benefiting from the latest cutting-edge cloud features, technologies and infrastructures.

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