Next gen TV technologies now at bat in sports

sport gamification app - fincons group

IBC Showcase: ML, AI and next gen TV are driving the sports entertainment revolution: find out how to leverage opportunities in this Fincons Group whitepaper.

New technologies such as machine learning and AI, in combination with interactive TV standards (known as “hybrid TV” in Europe, “next-gen TV” in the US) can achieve a level of personalisation and engagement that was previously unthinkable.

This leads to new opportunities for targeted and personalised advertising and monetisation that can’t be left unexplored. Fincons Group, an international systems integrator, provides an accurate overview of the most promising technological innovation today.

The Covid-19 pandemic has further accelerated the role of digital interactions in the world of sports and sports content owners are being forced to revisit traditional user experience while also revamping their business models with new revenue generating streams. Successful introduction of new technologies, based on a solid understanding of their future potential, is rapidly becoming the key to forging ahead of competitors.

Oliver Botti, head of international business development and innovation at Fincons Group and Greg Jarvis executive vice president and general manager at Fincons US, analyse the state of play of new enabling technologies and their potential for future application.

Understanding this evolving scenario can help sports entertainment players develop the business case for the introduction of innovative solutions that accelerate transformation.


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