Reinvent media delivery with cloud-based switching


IBC SHOWCASE: As the media industry evolves and content platforms proliferate, organisations need agile solutions that enable rapid, low-risk innovation. Download this whitepaper to learn more about how LTN is empowering broadcast organisations.

The broadcast landscape continually innovates to deliver original, compelling, and immersive content. Media companies that succeed in driving revenue and keeping up with industry evolution are those that embrace innovations, such as virtual audience engagement and new platforms. For these companies, it’s essential to utilise emerging technology that can be provisioned quickly and cost-effectively, and that can easily integrate with existing media workflows.

From acquisition to playout, reliable video distribution is a critical element of any professional video workflow. LTN Global leads the way in providing network infrastructure for the media industry within a strict Quality of Service (QoS) layer, but with a key differentiator: the managed services we provide on top of the network layer. LTN Live Video Cloud (LVC) is an unparalleled switcher, which enables capabilities and programming previously deemed impossible.

Download the white paper to learn more about how LTN is empowering broadcast organisations — with a cloud-based video platform that streamlines limitless incoming and outgoing livestreams into a single coherent management window. The white paper includes a compelling case study about how LVC’s cloud-based workflow was deployed for the 2020 NFL Draft Show, helping to transform the viewing experience within a tight timeframe. 


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