Shaping Post-Covid Resilience for the Premium Content, Pay-TV and Telco Businesses

Content protection NAGRA

IBC Showcase: This paper outlines how content and service providers can build a resilient Covid-19 response in regard to their business and their subscribers.

Premium content providers, pay-TV operators and telcos are facing an unprecedented situation. Management, marketing, business intelligence and data science teams are working blindly and desperately need forecasting models and workflow capabilities to help them re-shape their business strategy. The winners in the post-Covid world will be the ones who adapt their business models and strategies more frequently to accelerate the speed of subscriber acquisition and re-engagement.

Built on the Kudelski Group’s deep business knowledge, data and artificial intelligence skills, and extreme computation and workflow management capabilities, NAGRA Insight helps content and service providers stay relevant for the benefit of the entire ecosystem - subscribers, operators and distributors, as well as content creators and producers. This paper addresses how they can build an industry-specific response to Covid-19 through relevant business actions that take into account new parameters, help them stabilize the situation and prepare for the new normal by leveraging an AI-driven data-science platform.


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