Ultimate Guide to Container Formats


IBC Showcase: This whitepaper is a comprehensive overview of the definitions & processes you need to know when working in cloud-based video compression.

Bitmovin is shaping the future of video in the OTT streaming video market and, as such, want to share our expertise in the realm of cloud-based video delivery formats, compression algorithms, and technologies. The information detailed in this whitepaper will help you get started in understanding the Video Tech industry or simply acts as a great refresher in case you’ve forgotten what’s on the market or how it works.

With this definitive whitepaper, development teams can learn about the latest in Video Codecs, Container Formats, and how Content Delivery Networks (CDN) work. This includes understanding the basics and terminology behind standardized codecs such as HEVC, H.265., AV1, and VP9. In addition, containerization ranging from encoding to transcoding to muxing is defined.

Perhaps most importantly, this whitepaper describes how media formats work and the importance of a standard media stream. Learn about the differences and similarities between MP4 and CMAF container formats and how they’re applied for Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTPP (DASH).


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