XenData Cloud Solutions


IBC SHOWCASE: XenData cloud solutions share files between facilities with better performance than VPN and lower cost than accelerated file transfers.

XenData’s Multi-Site Sync service allows you to sync files and folders stored in cloud object storage across multiple caching Cloud File Gateways. The XenData Cloud File Gateways fully adhere to the Microsoft security model based on Active Directory which means they can be easily added to a Windows Domain or a workgroup and the globally shared content can be securely accessed across each local network. XenData cloud solutions work with multiple public clouds including Azure Blob Storage, AWS S3 and Wasabi S3.

XenData cloud solutions provide file sharing across multiple sites, reducing the cost and complexity associated with accelerated file transfers between facilities. It also minimizes the need for VPN access to files stored at other facilities. And furthermore, it allows you to reduce the number of NAS devices and file servers across the organization. Overall, it boosts the productivity of distributed teams by enabling them to seamlessly share and synchronize files across all locations. With every gateway kept consistently in sync, users at each facility think they’re working on one big local file server.


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