88% of the adult population in the UK listen to the radio each week, and the industry is still innovating, according to this video panel.

Jorma Kivela, CTO and co-founder at Jutel Oy, explained to IBCTV that his company had placed radio technology into the cloud in order to boost deployment across regional and temporary studios.

“We first put all the radio broadcast production facilities into an easy-to-use interface making it easier to deploy in large quantities,” he said. “We then put radio automation operations and then audio handling into the cloud. So all you need is a laptop or a microphone.”

Kivela was joined by VRT lead developer Rik Bauwens who said that for VRT’s five public radio stations the public’s interaction with live broadcasts has been changing. “That’s why we started to find partners to build a tooling system where we can control all incoming interaction.”

Paolo Casagranda, R&D coordinator for Italy’s RAI, said that his focus had been on personalisation and value-added services. “How can the voice services advance traditional radio?”

One concept he discussed was content optimisation, using shorter audio clips in the content, to introduce value-added services.