Dejero is embracing the latest generation of mobile communications technology. At IBC, the Canada-based company is showcasing its new EnGo 3 and EnGo 3x 5G mobile transmitters with integrated internet gateway, along with its new WayPoint 3 receiver.

Rob Waters, Global Director Sales at Dejero, told IBC Daily that the company was somewhat late with the launch of its 5G products compared to others. However, this was a deliberate move.


Waters: Dejero took its time to learn what the real requirements for 5G would be

“We wanted to learn what the market really required. We wanted to work with our customers to find the right solutions for them. And at the same time, other technology was changing around it. We wanted to work with certain people like Intel, to make sure that we’re providing the right level of product,” Waters said.

The EnGo 3 and EnGo 3x transmitters are designed with new RF and 4x4 MIMO antenna architecture. Waters emphasised that the use of four antennas “will allow superior performance”.

Dejero also provides GateWay network aggregation devices that are designed to deliver reliable connectivity for voice, video and data while in nomadic or mobile environments, as well as add wireless connectivity to fixed locations.

Recently, the company moved from Windows to the Linux OS, “which offers our key broadcast customers significant security enhancements”, Waters said. Dejero will continue to support Windows products in future.

He also noted that the move to Linux “allows us to use our connectivity that we developed for other products”. For example, the newer EnGo products feature a ‘GateWay mode’ for wireless broadband connectivity and a modified backpack with a wired remote. “It turns it into a massive internet connectivity hotspot,” Waters said.

Stand Number: 2.B51

Company: Dejero