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Anne Morris is a freelance journalist, editor and translator. Now living in France, she writes for a number of telecoms and broadcast titles and also provides research work for analyst companies. She has been part of the IBC Daily news team since 2011.

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    Daily News

    Kinow ties with Dalet Flex


    Managing the production and direct distribution of video content are two facets of the same workflow that require specific tools, which are often complex and expensive to integrate. In order to automate these processes and to resolve interoperability issues, Kinow has integrated with the Dalet ecosystem via Dalet Flex.

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    Daily News

    Quortex takes the risk out of streaming


    Live streaming specialist Quortex is showcasing Quortex I/O, its new cloud-native platform that aims to give content owners complete control over the resources and bandwidth needed to conduct live streams and launch new online services.

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    Daily News

    New features for WPE WebKit


    Open source software consultancy Igalia is showcasing a number of new developments for WPE WebKit, the reference port of Apple WebKit for embedded devices.

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    Daily News

    Smart tools for content monetisation from SmartLabs


    Video streaming specialist SmartLabs has unveiled its first RDK-enabled STB, an intelligent and flexible dynamic ad insertion (DAI) system, and the SmartCare analytics solution.

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    Daily News

    Epic Games keeps it Unreal


    The latest version of real-time game engine Unreal Engine includes new features for creators across game development, film and television, architecture, automotive and more.

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    Daily News

    Flussonic shows how embedding ads can improve the monetisation model


    Flussonic will be demonstrating its server side ad insertion (SSAI) technology, able to place ads by partial substitution of segments within the broadcast session.

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    Daily News

    Easel TV to unveil new streaming platform


    Provider of OTT services Easel TV is unveiling its latest streaming platform complete with an intuitive dashboard that the company claims delivers rich design editorial and data-driven control.

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    Daily News

    Axinom enables content mix and match with Mosaic


    Axinom is introducing Axinom Mosaic, which it describes as a comprehensive platform for creating video streaming and OTT backends that provides all the building blocks for content-first applications through independent yet connected services.

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    Daily News

    Sigma broadens RF matrix portfolio


    Sigma, a new distributing matrix system, will make its debut in Hall 5 at IBC this year.

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    Daily News

    Vislink and Mobile Viewpoint harness 5G and AI for prime time


    Vislink and Mobile Viewpoint are exhibiting their newly integrated product range for the first time following Vislink’s acquisition of Mobile Viewpoint earlier in 2021.

  • people watching tv
    Industry Trends

    Ad tech round-up: Advertising innovation and content monetisation


    Ad tech products, platforms and services are becoming increasingly more sophisticated, particularly as innovative approaches are required to drive up ad spending in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. Anne Morris rounds up some recent launches. 

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    Daily News

    Metrological partners with Fetch TV


    Fetch TV and Metrological have announced a partnership that will see the Metrological Application Platform integrated onto the Fetch service. Fetch will also utilise the Metrological Lightning Framework to enhance the performance of the Fetch user interface.

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    Daily News

    NPAW launches YOUBORA mobile app


    Streaming video intelligence company Nice People at Work (NPAW) has launched a mobile application called YOUBORA that can be used by streaming service providers to maintain a constant vigilance over their platforms.

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    Daily News

    Nordija, EKT and Verimatrix partner on Stratos


    IPTV and OTT middleware provider Nordija has partnered with set-top box maker EKT and security specialist Verimatrix on a new cloud-based service called Stratos.

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    Daily News

    Bitmovin and Teleport Media support Russian VoD


    Bitmovin, a provider of video infrastructure for digital media companies, has partnered with Teleport Media, a video delivery technologies provider, to implement technological solutions for Okko, said to be one of the largest VoD services in Russia.

  • 2 Collabora-1-AM-pic-MAN
    Daily News

    Open source software meets Super Resolution


    Software consulting firm Collabora has unveiled its work on a deep learning open source software product for Super Resolution scaling.

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    Daily News

    Metrological partners with Fetch TV


    Fetch TV and Metrological have announced a partnership that will see the Metrological Application Platform integrated onto the Fetch service. Fetch will also utilise the Metrological Lightning Framework to enhance the performance of the Fetch user interface.

  • Qligent-3-AM-pic-MAN
    Daily News

    Qligent provides new Vision


    Qligent has released version 3.10 of its flagship Vision software for media monitoring and analysis. Running on the Linux CentOS platform, Vision v3.10 is said to enable full integration with Wasabi’s Cloud platform for agnostic video, audio, and data storage and retention.

  • AI Insight 3x2
    Industry Trends

    Artificial intelligence: A round-up of products with AI as a central function


    AI and ML are now at the core of a growing number of products and tools in the broadcast and media industries. Anne Morris rounds up some of the latest launches which are leveraging these technologies.

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    Daily News

    Synamedia addresses advertising revenue with Iris


    Video software provider Synamedia has launched Iris, a new addressable advertising product.

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