High Power Solid State Power Amplifiers Systems for Ultra HD Video Broadcasting

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IBC Showcase: The High-Power, Modular, Soft-Fail Redundant SSPA systems from Advantech meet the most stringent linearity requirements for Ultra HD Video Broadcasting.

At Advantech Wireless Technologies, we have over 20 years of experience working with Satcom broadcasters to deliver audio and visual content clearly and reliably, using the latest in cutting edge technologies.

Designed to be used as a direct replacement for Klystrons and TWTAs (travelling wave tube amplifiers). SSPA designs produced by Advantech Wireless Technologies are based on both GaAs and GaN devices, depending on the frequency band and application. Able to generate high power levels over a wide bandwidth, all outdoor ruggedized systems from Advantech Wireless Technologies allow operation with multiple carriers with outstanding linearity.


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