IBC Showcase Day 4



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Accelerator Programme

12:00 –13:00 BST IBC Accelerators Virtual & Interactive Live Music Talent Show

Virtual & Interactive Live Music Talent Show

This IBC Accelerator Showcase will explore how the traditional talent show can be reinvented into a new music discovery format via real-time, multi-user virtual broadcasts, UGC interactivity and an ethical-AI backend to protect fans and showcase more fairness and responsibility in our industry, and more music talent than ever before.


Muki Kulhan


Accel virtual Talent Bianca

Bianca Acca, Viacom Networks International

Accel virtual Talent Hugo

Hugo Pinto, Independant Consultant

Accel virtual Tiago Correia TIAGOTC-Pic

Tiago Correia, Warner Music

Accel virtual Talent Karl Kathuria AT-696-SQ

Karl Kathuria, Never.no

Accel virtual Talent Nick Crossland JoiPolloi-Team-1-5-19-33

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14:00 –15:30 BST IBC Accelerators 5G Remote Production, Part 2

5G Remote Production, Part 2

Part two of a 5G Remote Production Accelerator Showcase. Led by the BBC, eleven world leading international broadcasters have been working together to explore the 'art of the possible' in terms of 5G capabilities for production. The team has been designing an early stage proof of concept utilising both public & private 5G network scenarios, researching broadcast use cases and exploring new innovation in areas such as gateway devices and cameras.


Muki Kulhan, Muki International


Accel 5G pt 2 JohnStone

John Stone, Head of European Professional Engineering, Sony

Accel 5G pt 2 Liam Hayter

Liam Hayter, Senior Solutions Architect, NewTek

Accel 5G pt 2 Ray Williamson Bio PIc

Ray Williamson, Director, Wireless Product Management, Europe, Huawei

Accel 5G pt 2 Baruch Altman 1 DSC08341

Baruch Altman, AVP, Projects and Technologies, Live U

Accel 5g pt 1 Purminder Gandhu profile pic

Purminder Gandhu, Lead for BBC Edge group on Connectivity & Contribution, BBC

Accel 5g pt 1 MARIO_REIS

Mario Reis, Director of Telecommunications, Olympic Broadcasting Services

Accel 5g pt 1 Matt Stagg PR shot en

Matt Stagg, Director of Mobile Strategy, BT Sport

Accel 5g pt 1 Ian Wagdin headshot-1-2

Ian Wagdin, Senior Technology Transfer Manager, BBC

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IBC International Honour for Excellence

13:00 –13:45 BST IBC International Honour for Excellence

IBC International Honour for Excellence

This year, IBC is creating a unique International Honour for Excellence. It will be not be presented to one person. Instead, it will honour every single news broadcaster in the world, to recognise the efforts they have made in the very difficult times in which we live. This unique, remarkable study will be compulsive viewing for all – broadcasters and viewers alike. It can be seen as part of IBC Showcase on Friday 11 September at 13:00 BST.


Kasia Madera, News Presenter, BBC

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Owner Programme

16:00 –16:45 BST IEEE BTS IMF in the Cloud

IEEE/BTS: IMF in the Cloud

This session talks about how IMF and “the cloud” can co-exist and in fact thrive together


Chris Lennon, Open Services Alliance


Bruce Devlin, Mr. MXF

Eric Carson, Dalet

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