SITI Networks, an Essel Group Company and one of India’s largest multi-system operators, has selected Nagra’s cardless content security solution for its forthcoming Android TV set-top box launch. 


Nagra: SITI Networks will be able to deploy secure Android TV services across its subscriber base

This represents Nagra’s first Android TV project in India based on the Google MediaCAS framework for Android TV deployments.

Through its partnership with Nagra, SITI Networks will be able to rapidly deploy both secure and market-leading Android TV services across its three-million strong subscriber base in India, including a comprehensive content offering and access to a large library of applications.

“The launch of the SITI PlayTop set-top box and iOS/Android apps is a crucial part of SITI’s expansion strategy in India. I want to congratulate our infrastructure partner Nagra. They have worked with us step-by-step to seamlessly integrate their comprehensive support for Android TV through an end-to-end content protection ecosystem. The SITI PlayTop set-top box will provide a next-generation, superior entertainment experience for our customers,” said Suresh Sethiya, director of Indian Cable Net Company, a joint venture partner of SITI Networks.

Designed with operational efficiency at its core, the Nagra solution provides comprehensive support for Android TV through an end-to-end content protection ecosystem that can be extended at a time of an operator’s choosing through additional options such as forensic watermarking and/or anti-piracy services.

Deployed ‘as a service’, it enables operators to take advantage of reduced total cost of ownership and regular modular and cloud-driven updates and frameworks for both CAS and DRM integration, while ensuring the ecosystem remains protected from pirates.

“We are excited to bring our next-gen SITI PlayTop Android set-top box to our customers. SITI has been at the forefront of delighting them with the latest technology. The launch of SITI PlayTop is another step in our commitment to provide them with a superior entertainment experience. We are delighted to partner with Nagra, who provides comprehensive support for Android TV through an end-to-end content protection ecosystem. This box will make any TV smart while bringing SITI HD+ Digital Cable Television’s ultimate viewing experience with a DVR facility”, declared Anil Malhotra, CEO of SITI Networks.

“We’re proud to partner with SITI Networks on its continued expansion within the Indian market” said Stephane Le Dreau, senior vice president of sales, APAC at Nagra. “The strength, level of innovation and unique features of Nagra’s content and service protection services for Android TV provides operators around the world with the tools they need to protect their content and rapidly deploy and protect their next-generation services against piracy.”