Bitmovin, a provider of video infrastructure for digital media companies, has partnered with Teleport Media, a video delivery technologies provider, to implement technological solutions for Okko, said to be one of the largest VoD services in Russia.

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Bitmovin: Russia’s Okko plans to improve the viewing experience for its customers.

Bitmovin and Teleport Media technology and tools will allow Okko to provide a new and upgraded streaming service to its customers. Bitmovin said it will enable Okko’s content to be streamed to multiple devices and platforms at the fastest speeds possible and at lower bandwidths.

According to Bitmovin, Okko is taking aggressive action to improve the viewing experience of its users. For example, it is working with Bitmovin to implement a new 4K Dolby Vision video solution as well as reworking existing content for optimised 4K and HD viewing experiences.

Okko will also be making use of Bitmovin’s proprietary per-title encoding algorithm to improve the user’s viewing experience while reducing overall video bandwidth usage.

In addition, Okko can now provide more UHD content for Smart TV and all other devices, increasing the availability of premium content for customers across all of Russia.

Yana Bardintseva, CEO of Okko, said: “We believe that new features and coding algorithms will help us to strengthen Okko’s position as a technological leader among VoD services and provide our clients with even better customer experience.”