Uruguayan cable and OTT service provider TCC has gone live with its next-generation hybrid TV platform, based on Android TV OS Operator Tier. The new service is enabled by SDMC’s DV8545-C STB and powered by the 3READY Product Framework from 3SS.


3SS: VIVO is now available with customised 3SS-designed launcher on the SDMC STB

TCC provides pay-TV services in the country’s capital Montevideo, including cable (146 DVB-C channels) and OTT via its TCC VIVO platform along with 3SS-engineered apps for Android and iOS mobile devices. The new next-gen hybrid+multiscreen TCC VIVO service is now available with customised 3SS-designed launcher on the SDMC STB, offering access through a single device to all live and VoD content in an experience that integrates all TCC’s content sources and networks.

Furthermore, TCC is offering the new hybrid Android TV-based software platform as a B2B SaaS under the ZetaTV brand to the wider pay-TV industry in Latin America, for DVB-C, OTT or both, using a licensing business model. As a result, TCC is extending its technology, 3READY-enriched UX and quality standards to its operator-customers in Uruguay and elsewhere in the region for their own next-gen Android TV projects.

TCC-enabled deployments for neighbouring providers, together with its own direct domestic subscriber base, currently total over 200,000 subscribing homes, located in Uruguay, Argentina and Chile.

Javier Ruete, CEO of TCC, said: ”We are really excited to be working with 3SS and SDMC as we know both share our core value of customer-centricity and our drive to provide real value to TV viewers with a compelling, easy-to-use all-in-one entertainment experience. We’re delighted to be bringing a new, world-class TV offering to our subscribers and to the wider marketplace.”

“We are honoured to have been selected by TCC to help enable this pioneering and ambitious TV service, and to be working in close partnership alongside our fellow innovators at 3SS; we’re very proud that our advanced STB is now delivering next-generation entertainment to consumers in Uruguay and beyond,” said Laurence Yan, SVP of worldwide sales, SDMC.

TCC has also deployed 3READY Control Center, which enables the operator to remotely manage all its STB and multiscreen apps – customised through deployment of 3READY Multiscreen – in a unified way, from a single location.

Presentation of branding, content and features of all apps are streamlined with 3READY Control Center. Also, tailored promotions can be set up and managed in real-time, with targeting by location, country, brand, etc.

Among TCC VIVO’s/ZetaTV’s new key features is the ability to have multiple profiles per household, including kids’ profiles with advanced parental control. Additionally, there is a dedicated Sports Zone and Kids Zone; these include aggregated genre-specific viewing menus and easy selecting of sports- and kids-centric content with all relevant channels grouped in the same location. TCC VIVO and ZetaTV also provide functions including seven-day backwards EPG, mini-EPG, Catchup and Startover.

“Everything we do, every day, we do to support our customers and to help them to provide their subscribers with the advanced, content-rich and seamless TV experience that viewers today so clearly crave,” said Kai-Christian Borchers, managing director at 3SS. “TCC has already demonstrated its commitment to innovation and to bringing next-gen Android TV to the people of Uruguay, as well as to others in Latin America; we are really energised to be part of this trailblazing project.”