Mediaroom Play, a new client solution that enables operators to deploy set-top boxes powered by Android TV rapidly, is new from MediaKind. 


Raul Aldrey: Mediaroom Play enables the rapid launch of new STBs powered by Android TV

The launch represents a significant investment in Mediaroom and provides an integrated solution for the delivery of modern TV experiences.

Mediaroom Play is a STB-based client solution within the Mediaroom portfolio, developed on the Android TV operating system. According to MediaKind, the pre-integrated product provides a tested, reliable and market-ready solution for the launch of new STBs powered by Android TV.

This pre-integration includes CommScope’s latest VIP7802 set-top utilising Broadcom’s 72180 system-on-a-chip (SoC), ruwido remote control unit and support for a multitude of premium streaming service applications. This ensures Mediaroom Play is a future-ready solution, with further integrations of Third-Party Publishing (3PP) applications.

Mediaroom Play significantly increases an operator’s aggregation value with access to over 7000 applications and games available on the Google Play Store. The integration also opens up new monetisation routes for operators, with revenue share opportunities on the Google Play Store and through Google Ads.

Raul Aldrey, chief product officer, MediaKind, said: “We are delighted to integrate our Mediaroom media platform with Android TV by launching our new client solution, Mediaroom Play. With this major new investment, we are enabling existing and new Mediaroom customers to rapidly launch modern video services that meet today’s consumers’ needs while also encompassing the vast array of converged experiences offered by Android TV. This pre-integrated, robust solution enables our customers to evolve from being video-only service providers to multi-service providers, tapping into Android TV’s abundant consumer experience offerings.”

With Mediaroom Play and its custom launcher user interface, consumers can leverage the set-top for gaming, utilities, communications, security and home automation, opening up a whole new world of entertainment and convenience. The solution also opens up free value-added features from Google for the consumer and operator, including Google Assistant, YouTube, Accessibility Services, GOTA (the application update tool) and First Time Configuration Wizard.

Other key features of Mediaroom Play include support for the Android TV operating system Release 10 and Widevine DRM support. It also encompasses enhanced cloud DVR features and additional data/reporting/analytics capabilities. The core Mediaroom components and primary services remain, such as live streaming, video-on-demand, Timeshift TV, PF application framework and Mediaroom audio/video delivery.