AI can play an increasingly important role in the production of live content, says Mobile Viewpoint managing director Michel Bais. 

CE2019 Mobile Viewpoint Michel Bais

Michel Bais

Consumers’ insatiable demand for video content is driving new use cases for both news and sports. This demand for live video continues to grow broadcasters and content producers’ need of technology that supports the instant, real-time delivery of content.

By harnessing artificial intelligence to automate, for instance, news production and sports, the volume production of live video can be significantly increased, production costs can be reduced, and the creations of new formats can be accelerated, bringing a whole new world of live TV to consumers.

Markets which are currently adopting AI-based technology to capture and stream live video are not only the regular news studios, but also ‘visual’ radio programmes that show presenters and guests speaking live on air. AI offers newspapers a fresh way to bring their reporters to the streets to interview experts live and cover live events as they happen. Fixed studios, expensive equipment and costly production teams are no longer viable for these applications.

In addition, the growing demand for live streaming of esports, lower leagues games or smaller sports is pushing cost-efficient production of live video higher up broadcasters’ and content producers’ agendas.

AI can therefore also play an increasingly important role in the production of live content for broadcasters, content producers and clubs. AI-directed cameras can be used to stream the entirety of a match live, reducing the need for entire film crews. As things develop AI will make these productions more interesting because it will enable goal detection, faults (yellow and red cards), corner, time outs or injuries. Together with player analysis it is possible to create automatic summaries appealing to many more viewers compared to the complete games.

To completely automate video production without the requirement for a camera crew or director is perhaps a bridge too far for now, but assisted production is around the corner. Over the next few years we expect to see the big media brands and production houses embrace these technologies. A similar situation happened years ago with SNG trucks being replaced with live backpacks.

Therefore, it is important for our industry to start adopting AI-based technology today and educate ourselves fully on the topic. IBC will again offer the perfect venue for Mobile Viewpoint to showcase its developments in AI technologies for live news and sports streaming. It gives us the chance to give a host of live demonstrations and meet up with existing and new customers. See you there!

Michel Bais is managing director at Mobile Viewpoint 

Mobile Viewpoint is exhibiting at IBC2019 on Stand 14.F24