Canon has launched its first set of RF-mount cinema prime lenses for its Cinema EOS System. The new lenses combine high optical performance for 4K and 8K shooting, cinema-style operability and RF mount communications. It is part of Canon’s plans to swiftly expand its line-up of RF-mount-compatible production equipment. 

The seven Canon CN-R lenses (14mm T3.1; 20mm, 24mm and 35mm T1.5; 50mm and 85mm T1.3; and 135mm T2.2), will work with its two existing RF-mount cinema cameras, the EOS C70 and EOS R5 C. These lenses will allow for RF mount protocol transmission, and just like existing EF-mount Cinema Prime Lenses, operators can control magnification, chromatic aberration correction, peripheral light correction, and a dual-pixel focus guide via camera body operations. The lenses also feature lens distortion correction.  

D3 Canon-RF-Mount Primes

Prime numbers: Canon’s seven new CN-R RF-mount cinema prime lenses 

Features include: 11-blade iris for natural round blurring; unified Cinema EOS colour balance across the series for consistent colour; and a unified design, including gear position, lens diameter and rotation angle, for ease of swapping without having to adjust matte boxes.  

The lenses are expected to start shipping early in 2024 and will be priced at $3950 each (or $4220 each for the three widest models). 

Stand Number: 11.C41, 9.D01, 10.HR 

Company: Canon Europe