Episode 14 of the IBC Podcast, supported by Imagine Communications, features a conversation between Malcolm Cowan, Head of Engineering and Technology, Broadcast and Media Services at NEP UK and John Mailhot, CTO, Networking & Infrastructure for Imagine Communications on UHD and HDR production. 

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NEP has been using Imagine Communications’ SNP pure-IP media processing platform to support its UHD and HDR productions.

Together, Cowan and Mailhot speak about the unique challenges of introducing HDR (high dynamic range) and UHD (ultra-high definition) into productions which are delivered to a mix of SDR (standard dynamic range) and HDR distribution channels.

NEP Atlantic

During their conversation they discuss:

  • Industry adoption of HDR
  • How NEP works with Imagine Communications
  • The impact of HDR on outside broadcast companies and the content they supply to broadcasters
  • How HDR is changing the landscape of sporting events
  • Whether different LUTS work better for different content

JohnMailhot 2022

Imagine Communications’ John Mailhot


NEP’s Malcolm Cowan


Imagine Communications 

Imagine Communications’ Selenio Network Processor (SNP)