IBC SHOWCASE: This whitepaper describes how to manage the transition from an all-baseband to an all-IP world, in an incremental manner.

The broadcast industry is understandably focusing on the infrastructure of the future, and without doubt this will be based on IP, and built on standards like SMPTE ST 2110 and NMOS IS-04/05.

That said, broadcasters have invested heavily in baseband (SDI) technology for many years. They have studios and control rooms full of excellent (and expensive) equipment, from cameras and monitors to switchers and mixers. There is simply no business case for replacing all of these, unless the equipment’s functionality needs to be upgraded, e.g. to support 4K/UHD.

Instead, broadcasters must concentrate on building out the IP media network, which of course provides the greatest benefits in terms of costs-savings and workflow transformation. As part of this though, they need to consider how to accommodate SDI equipment, and indeed in some cases SDI networks.

This whitepaper explains how to make the move to IP incrementally, achieving the right cost benefit for the business.

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