Simplifying cloud management


From CTO to solution architect, a wide range of stakeholders have to deal with the topics of cloud computing and the management behind it to varying degrees. In particular, challenges such as increasing complexity due to ever smaller microservices, seamless automation in scaling, intransparency in cost creation and planning, and ...

In the eponymous whitepaper, Qvest Media gives the reader an overview of how current and modern cloud infrastructures and platforms can be managed in the broadcasting, radio and media sector. In the course of this, the current market situation and new market participants such as new OTT operators, will be briefly examined. The underlying market drivers, current and relevant trends such as the continuing growth of multi- and hybrid cloud environments, solution-focused partners and how to control cloud cost will be discussed. The two authors provide a brief summary of the most important advantages and disadvantages to ensure a comprehensive view. Afterwards, the challenges and problems that occur during a cloud transformation and that can affect or stop projects are highlighted and discussed. A solution recommendation will be given, which on the one hand presents the technical solution in the form of the qibb application platform that was chosen as reference, due to the comprehensive service portfolio and limited comparable solution on the market so far. On the other hand, there is the description of the Qvest Media transformation model, the so-called Cloud Consulting Framework. After reading this whitepaper, the reader has a sound understanding of the Cloud basics as well as the challenges and problems he or she will encounter during a Cloud transformation. It also gives the recipient a sense of the solution that can solve the problem and how to implement such a service.


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