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"Qvest Media is a world leading systems architect in the fields of broadcasting and media technology, specialising in the television, media and telecommunications industries."

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    Simplifying cloud management

    2020-12-18T15:29:00Brought to you by

    From CTO to solution architect, a wide range of stakeholders have to deal with the topics of cloud computing and the management behind it to varying degrees. In particular, challenges such as increasing complexity due to ever smaller microservices, seamless automation in scaling, intransparency in cost creation and planning, and ...

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    Walkthrough: advanced storing, managing and enriching content in the cloud with q.archive

    2020-11-20T10:57:00Brought to you by

    IBC SHOWCASE: In this video, qibb product expert Michele Lai Chin explains the storing, managing and enrichment of all your content in the cloud and how you can enhance your media workflow by using q.archive. He talks about the key features of q.archive and the easy steps to content migration, ...

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    Executive Interviews

    Interview: Peter Nöthen, Qvest Media

    2020-11-18T14:11:00Brought to you by

    The systems architect is continuing to explore new opportunities in the “digital environment”, CEO Peter Nöthen tells David Davies.

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    Thought Leadership

    The missing piece in the cloud

    2018-08-20T09:00:00Brought to you by

    Probably, the most disruptive change in our industry is the change in media consumption behaviour. Viewers consume media content everywhere and in a nonlinear way, writes Qvest Media Head of Design Ulrich Voigt.