Walkthrough: advanced storing, managing and enriching content in the cloud with q.archive


IBC SHOWCASE: In this video, qibb product expert Michele Lai Chin explains the storing, managing and enrichment of all your content in the cloud and how you can enhance your media workflow by using q.archive. He talks about the key features of q.archive and the easy steps to content migration, ...

q.archive is a comprehensive cloud-based and ready-to-use media archiving solution. It was developed on the basis of frequent clients’ requests and use cases which have shown that the most efficient archiving solution is a seamless combination of apps. q.archive consists of a pre-packaged compilation of the best and most advanced apps that are currently and the market, providing a preintegrated, preconfigured, pay-as-you-go SaaS offering that is hosted, maintained and constantly improved and upgraded by a team of cloud engineers and media architects.

The video gives insights into the top features of q.archive such as enhancing collaboration, saving online-storage costs, keeping content controllable and safe, finding specific points in video and audio assets with a full-text, time-coded transcript, easily managing and editing content meta data, sharing video footage or assigning different stages of user rights, and more.


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