IBC Showcase: This whitepaper explores 5G-powered features, interactive viewing, and the first wave of Covid-19 ramifications.

The TV and video entertainment market is evolving at a tremendous pace. Users have access to an abundance of services and video content, as more networks and studios are starting to launch their own direct-to-consumer offerings. Overall, OTT viewership is rising but competition is fierce and consumer confusion is mounting. What service (or combination of services) best suits my needs? How can I access the content I want to watch? What is the difference between the ever-growing number of different video streaming offerings?

In this increasingly crowded landscape, the onus is on OTT providers to continuously evolve their services, always keeping the end-user experience in mind. Staying relevant and compelling often requires significant and continued investments in both new technology and business processes. And in order for these to be successful, you ought to pay close attention to current trends and developments in the market.

This trends report covers some of the most recent trends in the OTT industry, including the first wave of Covid-19 ramifications.

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