The Weather Channel television network is using Actus Digital’s broadcast monitoring platform to perform a wide range of mission-critical tasks. 


Actus Digital’s broadcast monitoring platform is integrated with The Weather Channel’s automation system, expanding content search and navigation

Replacing an existing system, the enterprise version of Actus Digital’s platform ensures video and audio quality for The Weather Channel while complying with mandatory industry requirements for its linear and OTT channels.

“A thorough analysis of the different broadcast monitoring offerings available in the market today led us to Actus Digital as the solution best suited to our needs,” said Michael Smereski, vice president of broadcast engineering at The Weather Channel. “Performing tasks beyond mere compliance, the Actus Digital platform serves our broadcast monitoring needs now and will support us in the future with enhanced new workflows for content repurposing and AI integration.”

Actus Digital’s platform supports mandatory compliance features such as SCTE-104/35, loudness, closed captions and NAVE while providing The Weather Channel with real-time alerts on a host of AV impairments. Using multiple load-balancing servers, the platform ensures uninterrupted, redundant and timely responses for users. It is also fully integrated with The Weather Channel’s automation system, expanding content search and navigation and allowing the broadcaster to accurately track the loudness of each asset. To enhance system security and user authentication, the platform is fully integrated with OKTA sign-on.

The Actus Digital system allows The Weather Channel to record content at high bitrates and resolutions, enabling the network to edit and export high-quality clips to a variety of destinations.

“We are thrilled to add [The Weather Channel] to our roster of customers,” said Gary Learner, executive vice president of business development at Actus Digital. “We look forward to continuing our collaboration on future enhancements to address their evolving compliance, monitoring and content repurposing requirements, as well as adding new use cases to the deployed platform.”