Red Bee Media has been chosen by the DPP, the media industry’s business network, to deliver captioning services for all of its online events during the coming year.

Red Bee-5

Red Bee delivered live captioning at the Tech Leaders Briefing 2020

In addition to producing live captions in real-time, Red Bee will also provide as-live file delivery for post-event videos.

The partnership started in April 2021 with Red Bee live captioning one of the DPP’s flagship events, DPP Innovation Week, a five-day event bringing customers and suppliers together to discover new and exciting products and services, understand the market and form partnerships.

“It’s important to us at the DPP that our content is as accessible as possible to all our members. Red Bee Media did a fantastic job of delivering live captioning for our recent flagship events, DPP Tech Leaders Briefing 2020 and DPP Innovation Week 2021. So, we’re delighted to extend that partnership in order to offer live captions to a wide range of events over the coming year,” said Rowan de Pomerai CTO, DPP.

Red Bee’s broadcast captioning staff will provide live captions and as-live captions on file, for all flagship events and regular webcasts from now until April 2022. Upcoming events include the next webcasts in the DPP’s Going Live and Remote series, and a new hybrid event, the DPP Media Supply Festival in September.

“We are pleased to be supporting the DPP in the ambition to make their events, panels and learning sessions more accessible. Our captioning staff is highly experienced, which will guarantee the DPP receiving the same level of quality as top-tier broadcasters do every day,” said Louise Seddon, head of global access services operations at Red Bee.