Studio Technologies has launched the Model 792 Central Controller with Model 793 Control Console for Audio-over-IP-enabled multichannel monitoring. 

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Networked: The product features analogue and IP multichannel monitoring in one system

This new StudioComm for Dante system combines a rack-mounted main electronics unit with a desktop user control surface. The company explains that its “fully-pro,” signal path uses programmable logic to support both digital and analogue audio, while an extensive set of configuration features allow the system to support next-gen immersive formats including 5.1.4, 7.1.4, and 10.2. 

Gordon Kapes, president of Studio Technologies, said: “We’ve designed this system to fit easily into any professional multichannel environment… more studios are switching to Dante and AES67 networked audio infrastructures, but they still need to support analogue – this system provides both.” 

The Model 792 Central Controller has multiple digital and analogue inputs with configurable time delay, source selection, and level control. Digital and analogue outputs support formats of up to 16-channels. Analogue two-channel inputs and outputs offer convenient support for stereo reference signals. Features including trim levels, delays, dim and reference level, and pre/post outputs, can be optimised using the system’s built-in web server-based menu pages. An FPGA-based 32-bit audio architecture offers high headroom and superior audio quality, claims the company.