Bridge Technologies and 2110 Solutions, a distributor and manufacturers’ representative operating throughout North America, have agreed a partnership that will see 2110 integrate Bridge’s VB440 into its product range, along with a number of the company’s other IP-based solutions.

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Bridge Technologies: 2110 Solutions will integrate Bridge’s VB440 into its product range

2110 Solutions works with a number of specialised firms operating in the field of IP-based production, bringing together a comprehensive set of solutions for deployment in a wide and flexible range of production environments, particularly non-conventional settings such as concerts and sport events. 2110’s aim is to bridge the gap between the technical and creative aspects of production, using technology in a way that supports rather than distracts from viewer enjoyment.

A fundamental component of this is ensuring that media transportation is facilitated without error, and therefore effective monitoring of the full range of data streams is a backbone element of any high-level production environment. Bridge’s VB440 is suited to both conventional production studios as well as outside broadcast trucks and venues – making it a particularly relevant addition in 2110 Solutions’ product line-up.

In essence, the VB440 enables production teams to continuously survey all layers of media transportation on an IP network and facilitates quick rectification of potential problems, helping to maximise Quality of Service. Using HTML-5 based tools, through the creation of both the Instrument View and Widglets API, Bridge has taken its knowledge of analytics and packet behaviour and presented this in a way that is intuitive even to those without high-level IP knowledge. This means that the VB440 can aid creatives – such as camera painters – in their tasks without needing specialist network professionals onboard.

Joe LoGrasso, managing director of 2110 Solutions, said: “It’s a pleasure to be working closely with Bridge Technologies. The nature of their solutions matches the philosophy of our operation completely; innovative, progressive and forward-thinking technology that serves one central purpose: the ability to deliver creative, engaging, quality content for viewers.”

Simen K Frostad, chairman of Bridge Technologies, said: “We are constantly pushing for end users to recognise the importance of building monitoring solutions into their setups from the beginning. 2110 Solutions shares our understanding of this; they recognise how important effective monitoring solutions are when building a production environment to maximise creative possibilities and ensure a consistent, high-level of performance. With Bridge products sitting at the core of the comprehensive solutions offered by 2110, producers can be sure that the production environments being created for them are operating at the highest level of effectiveness and efficiency, and are deployable across a whole range of potential applications, both now and in the future.”