Densitron is now offering its Intelligent Display System (IDS) as a fully managed service. The GUI control software is used for information display, monitoring and management in the broadcast sector.

Densitron-2 IDSaaS v2

Densitron: IDS is available as a service for information display, monitoring and management

Intended to make the system more cost-efficient during a period when there is increased pressure on budgets, IDSaaS (IDS-as-a-Service) is based around the same solution and services, but at a fixed monthly cost, said Densitron.

Reuben Such, global business director of Densitron IDS, said: “By making the same offer available via an OPEX model [we realised] it could be brought within reach of smaller facilities such as local or community radio projects and even educational facilities.”

Such said that in light of the current global crisis and difficult economic circumstances, there is now an expectation that IDSaaS will also appeal to some “enterprise and medium-sized operations who are facing budget reductions and are looking for a control solution that can be flexed and tailored according to their size and requirements”.

IDSaaS is available immediately and is a fully managed service encompassing design, implementation, hardware, software, and ongoing support and backup. Customers can sign up for a determined time period, with two years expected to be the normal duration, while they will also be able to scale their use of the IDS platform in response to evolving demands. The new service also takes advantage of recent updates to the IDS platform that allow it to be used more flexibly – whether part of a hybrid approach or on-premise, at someone’s home, or in the cloud.