Edgeware has added an AutoPilot feature to its StreamPilot product in order to bring automated optimisation features to the multi-CDN control platform.


StreamPilot: Multi-CND control platform now comes with automated optimisation

AutoPilot gives broadcasters and content providers the option to automatically perform actions triggered by the platform’s real-time session data when using a multi-CDN set-up.

The AutoPilot feature identifies and automatically presents a unified view of problems that could affect users’ quality of experience, independent of which CDN is delivering the TV service to the viewer.

The issues presented can be related to the device, delivery CDN, ISP or the content itself. The data is processed, grouped and presented with a classification on severity level.

According to Edgeware, StreamPilot meets a growing demand from broadcasters and content providers to automatically optimise delivery, rather than presenting the data for them to then analyse and act upon.

Kalle Henriksson, founder at Edgeware, said: “Automation has grown to become a highly desired component within content delivery workflows as more media companies seek new ways to accelerate processes and gain actionable insight into their TV delivery.

”This has been a key insight from the last six months of customer discussions and has significantly shaped our recent development work. The AutoPilot feature addresses our customers’ need to be informed about performance issues in real time, as well as foresee the trends that can cause them, so they can put prevention methods in place earlier on. With AutoPilot filtering this information and presenting it in a condensed and collective way, users can better optimise their service – narrowing the often-large gap between problem diagnosis and problem solving.”

Edgeware’s StreamPilot is provided as software-as-a-service and is independent of CDN, client, media format and any other component in the media delivery chain.