Epiphan Video launches LiveScrypt as a live transcription service.


LiveScrypt: Helps to transcribe on the fly

Audiovisual capture, recording and streaming products provider Epiphan Video has launched LiveScrypt as a live transcription service.

LiveScrypt is a cloud-based artificial intelligence (AI)-based speech-to-text transcription service that enables audiences to engage with live events as they happen – regardless of any hearing impediment, native language, or distraction.

Epiphan claims that LiveScrypt can transcribe with at least 85% to 90% accuracy. It also adds punctuation and on-the-fly corrections based on the confidence of words in context. For even greater accuracy, North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) codes for standardised industry-related terms are supported.

Greg Quirk, product manager, Epiphan, said: “Looking at the industry, many post-production transcription services exist, but that doesn’t work for live events because it’s after the fact. With LiveScrypt, all attendees have access to real-time transcriptions of what’s being said for greater accessibility – whether that’s displayed on monitors throughout the venue or on personal smart devices.”