Europa+ (Europa Más), a new subscription video service that is now streaming the latest TV series from across Europe to audiences throughout Latin American and the Caribbean, will be powered by Jump for Video Streaming solution.

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Europa+: Powered by Jump Insights

Europa+ offers an alternative to the existing SVOD and traditional television services throughout Latin America and the Caribbean – delivering more than 1,500 hours of the most popular European TV series and specials ad-free and easily found by genre, language and sub-title options. Europa+ is available on iOS, Android, Apple TV and Roku devices and will soon be available on both Amazon FireTV and Android TV devices.

The streaming video service will be using the Jump for Video Streaming solution as part of its video service technology stack to increase retention, personalisation, engagement and marketing effectiveness.

Europa+ is powered by Jump Insights, an all-in-one business intelligence tool that provides insights about Europa+’s overall business performance, audience activity and content watched. It uses a unified dashboard that serves as a single source of truth for all the data generated from different third-party data sources (online video platform, subscription management system, front-end, etc).

“Offering a terrific user experience is the only way to stand out from the fierce competition that currently exists in the OTT sphere, and keeping users engaged is the only option to succeed. The proliferation of data-driven technology is completely changing the video market as we know it and transforming the way people consume content,” said Jerónimo Macanás, CEO and co-founder of Jump. “We are thrilled to support Europa+ to overcome the challenges of transforming their video platform into a data-driven video business, and lead them to better understand and serve their audience. We are certain this will help Europa+ to unlock the full potential of their video service data, to stay ahead of the crowd and improve their business performance.”

“Our foundational vision is that we must be a data-led service” declared Rubén Mendiola, COO and managing director of Europa+. “Bringing premium European content to the Latin America and Caribbean region, many of these titles for the first time, necessitates that we consistently monitor and adjust our offering based on what customers actually engage with. Jump offers us the ability to get a comprehensive view of activity on the platform to enable these decisions.”