The Live News System (LNS) is an operating system from the iO Media Group for newsroom computer systems which allows efficient, real-time communication within the standard MOS protocol.

It allows linking and automating video servers, audio servers, still stores, teleprompters, scripts, running orders and CGs for live and delayed broadcast production.

Live News Systems LNS-1

Mind the gap: The product suits small and medium news providers

LNS is based on XML and interfaces with ChyronHego’s VidiGo system. It enables the exchange of descriptive data for media objects, live playlist exchange, status exchange, automation instigation and control, video and audio processes and live production workflow systems.

 John O’Loan, CEO, iO Media Group Europe, said the system is aimed at the estimated 2,000 linear news and sports channels throughout the world of small to medium size, who can’t afford to use or can’t afford the technical legacy of traditional live production systems.

 O’Loan added: “LNS is poised to fill the gap between big channels and the small- to mid-sized … we’ve built LNS from the ground up, with specifically this market in mind. The technology allows users to drop linear content from broadcast rundowns directly into digital apps and websites.”

 LNS also relies on unique workflow systems in newsroom and live production centres, to reduce the time taken, and staff numbers required, to execute previously manpower intensive and time-consuming operations such as moving content from a broadcast or OTT environment to those of the internet.

LNS - Live News & Sport Systems is exhibiting at IBC2019 on Pods F.P15 & 6.MS